Wednesday, April 29, 2009

what i'm doing???

salam my fren~

its hv been a crazy time for me or i call it as "extremely bzz week"
juz know, after a disastrous DE exam plus my stomach feeling unwell

(either i'm going to get sick or i ate too much apple)

i'm really not in the mood for a good laugh...
yup..quite better, thinking tat juz left 1 more paper..
n i can go home...yipee..hehe...cant wait for tat moment...

lately....i keep surrounding by mountain of books n papers..
study until the end of time...

forget bout my diet and ate everytime i study
(1 hour ur brain working= twenty minutes aerobic)....huhu
sacrifice my sleeping time...
put aside my lovely tedy...

what for?...i'm tired alrealdy...(T_T)...huhu

cant take it anymore...(kepala pun da terasa senget sebelah)

but then someone's words really wake me up..
"God had given us so many facilities...our brain, our both hand, etc....its up to u how u wanna use it)

Opportunity doesn't strike twice...
its true but for people tat never give up and keep trying, respond and alert to their environment...there always a chance for them..
so, i made up my mind..grab as much as i can...dont let it go even its hard...its all for my own sake....yes! u can do it!!!

last word...
for cik sizuka...sory for troubling u...huhu..
its kinda cute coz we both thinking in the same way....hehe
but i believe in one thing...juz a concise quote...
"rezeki ad di mana-mana as long as u work for it and always keep Him in ur heart..u no need to worried anymore"

for final paper...GOOD LUCK my fren~~
salam sayang from cik tedy...(^_^)
and welcome to my new follower...wan salleh n nurul ain..(",)


  1. exam..
    the same things happened to everyone..
    juz with the books and forget the other things...
    i really understand...
    i cant wait to back to hometown too~
    homesick?..i think soo...

  2. haha...
    slamat mnjawab bznes mgu dpan..

  3. gudluck 4 d last paper!

    aku nak tergelak tengok pooh ko bagi luv..hak2..kiri,kanan n depan..hahahha....

  4. hazaryu= huhu..aza-chan...cant wait to c u too..

    zeida= thankiu cik

    sizuka= hehehe...penat cik pooh bg luv tu..hargai la dia..hihi

  5. mkn byk sgt apple??tu la xajak da sakit perut..hehe..
    em,comey bear kt atas tu..tu ke tedy guard yani??

  6. ehem ehem...
    tedy guard = cik yani la...huhu..
    my siblings like to aim my tedy if diaorg its my responsible to protect tedy frm any harm...
    since then i call myself tedy guard...huhu

  7. boleh lak camtuh...
    mcm ler cik teddy tu idup..
    ape2 je la yani..aslkan bahgia slalu~~..

    p/s nk tgk ko nye teddy yang kay umh yg slalu sya sebut...

  8. hihi..ko tak tau betapa sayangnya ak kat tedy tu...peneman setia aku tu..
    kire-kire blk da 12 tahun dia ngan ak..huhu
    da nk ambil UPSR da pun...hihi

    sya slalu gelakkn tedy ak...kurang asam betol la..xde kat kat sini..
    di mana ad ak..di situ ad dia..luv u tedy..hehe (^_^)

  9. haha..kalo ak p bangi leh ler jumpe teddy ko tuh..
    ko jangan nk sembunyi lak..~~

  10. tedy ak kirm salam kat ko...hahaha..
    dtg la kalau nk jmpa dia...
    ke ko nk jmpa ak? saja buat alasan..
    tau la ko windu kat ak kn...keh keh keh

  11. haha..ape2 je la cik teddy eh...
    lapar2 ih...