Friday, May 22, 2009

1st trip...

cik tedy : mama, nak pergi mn pagi-pagi ni?
mama : ya Allah budak ni, x siap-siap lg. semua org dah bersiap dah pn..kita nk g Sekayu kn..
cik tedy : ah? (dgn muka kefonin-foningan)

salam semua...

tis is all bout my first trip during my holiday...
tired, exhausted, worn out..
all those feeling gone when thinking bout beautiful n serene view at Sekayu waterfall..
plus its great n cool water...cant wait to test my swimming skill..hihi

cik tedy : mama, knp ramai sngt org ni? che ana ikut skali k?
mama : ha ah, che ana, che aya, che anu, ngan anak-anak che su..
cik tedy : ah ...(ngan mulut terlopong)
means tis trip involved 5 family...ramainya....
looks like having a family day...huhu..
can deny tat i feel warm, hapy, secure n etc when surrounded by my big family..
always make me laugh even they didnt meant it..
make me felt tat i'm a part of them...not juz a doll..
treat me like a princess..hoho..sometime...

love the most when my little cousins call me "kak nor"
hahaha...myb no one in my family even my brother call me like tat...
terasa diri seperti seorg akak...huhu
neh..i'm uploading a few pic of my sweet cousins...
they really cute ohh.. :)

next time..entry bout my second trip...
thanks to mae for became my new follower..


  1. seems the last time i spent my times there maybe years alredy...hehe...must be fun to be right there again!

  2. oh..
    now tat place is still under construction..
    but u can also visit orchid garden...herbs garden..etc..
    sila la join kempen melawat terengganu..huhu