Saturday, July 18, 2009

mengapa doaku tidak dimakbulkan?


about the title..
i always thinking bout it..
again, again and again...
sometime i wonder..
why do i need to do this (doa) coz i knew lastly,
i wont get what i want ever no matter how hard i tried..
its seem useless..

i keep searching to find the answer for my question..
until i found this book...(i should by that book)
there is the reason why Allah tidak makbulkan doa umatnya..
one of the reason, kita tak melakukn apa yg disuruhnya..

i'm thinking..
myb i lack something and need to improve myself in a way to become a good muslimah..
ya i know, i cant change drastically
but as long as i have an effort for it..
i can do it..


  1. insyaallah...
    marilah sama2 kita mnuju ke arah kebaikan..(^_^)

  2. insyaAllah yani..u can do it..! be strong my dear!~

  3. thanks rakan2..
    sokongan anda amat bermakna...
    sngt terharu.. T___T