Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010..reveal the truth

Hapy new year to all my readers..(^_^)
Its tyme to forget bout the past and go on wit the future..yeahhh
2009 is not my favourite year... totally...
frequently, i’v got a splitting headache....
Huhu...pity to me ah...

9 months ago..
I’v thinking to starting my own project..i named it as “DL project”
DL project is actually my plan b, plan a? Secret loll...hehe
Starting collecting the info from all resources..
Doing the calculation..choosing the system..all i do it aloneee
as i’m a student...
I didnt get any suppoters...(T_T)
Sum of my fren, underestimate i’m too young..
So what?? Knowledge never care bout the age...
Its all depends on ur passion...willing or not..tats all
So, dont make any excuses...
which make me feel disgusting to hear that..
My bro is the only one, i ever told about this..
He’s not encouraging as my priority is study..
not working on tat stuff..

Slowly..i convince him..
I can do it and focus on my study as well..
Of course laaa..cik tedy can do it...alhamdullillah..(^_^)
(woman r good in multiple job, right...hehe)
Manage to get a better result tis sem..its showing tat..
Tis project doesnt bother me at all...gewdd..
Sumtyme i report to him whats goin on..and he seem ok wit that..
Huhu...unofficially supervisor...hehe

After all preparation...
tyme to launch the project..i hope all my judgement goes well..
I’v met alot of people to deal wit..sum give me “thumbs up”
(^_^) thnks for that....and thnks again for not treat me like i’m a kid..
After a month...sumthing happen to the system..
Kinda run soooo sloww...
Its struck me so badly like i’m wasting my tyme and my energy..grr...
I wait for a long period until the system recover itself...
End of 2009, my project back to stable..

I knew i still amateur, my skill abit rusty...
But one thing, really2 sure..i wont give up!!..
Never..never..and never..
Willing to take a risk for a second tyme...
i rearrange all the calculation...collecting new info...
and of course, change the whole system with a new strategy..
before 2010 take place..i launch my new program..
hoping it will flourish tis tyme and give me a good news like i predicted..
juz wait n c...go “DL project”!!!

may 2010 bring me luck...(^_^)..aminn..
now can 100% focus on my thesis..aiyooo...foninn2 (@_@)

p/s: there still sweet memory in 2009...hehehehehe......

my advise...dont let people let u down..
if u know u r in right track..
juz go on..
boost ur self-esteem and people will treat u..
like the way u deserve it buddy..
salam sayang from cik tedy to all my lovely reader..
wish all ur dreams come true in 2010...


  1. selamat tahun baru..

    pr0jek ape ni cik tedy??


  2. may ur dreams come true in 2010 ;)

  3. nurul...
    secret project..huhu ;p

    thnkiu sizuka manyakkkk manis..